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Patriots Flag Football: Greg's Fourth Pick

Greg Knopping makes his fourth pick in the Pats Pulpit Flag Football Draft.


I'm just not sure how this is fair. I already had the Patriots most experienced and talented receiver in Danny Amendola. Then I picked up the team’s most talented cover cornerback in Aqib Talib. With my third pick, I picked up high potential rookie Aaron Dobson, who at 6’3” is the team’s biggest option at the position.

And now, with my fourth pick, I’ll continue to add to my high powered offense with the selection of rookie receiver Josh Boyce.

In all honesty, I considered picking Boyce ahead of Dobson in the prior round. However, my need for size and a pure deep threat led me to go with Dobson. But I think that you could make the argument that Josh Boyce could be the better flag football player.

Let’s consider Boyce’s top traits: top-end straight line speed, elite quickness, good after the catch ability, and solid route running. Boyce ran a ridiculous 4.34 40 yard dash at the combine, which would likely make him the fastest player in this entire game. This broad jump of 10’11” is also insane. He was also elite in the 20 yard shuttle and 3-cone drills, with times of 4.1 and 6.68 seconds, respectively.

Sure, he’s a bit of an unknown. But at this point, Boyce has the most intriguing athletic traits of any skill player on the Patriots roster. He also has above average size at 5’11” and 206 lbs. And don't forget that he had to deal with shaky quarterback play at TCU. Tom Brady will be anything but.

With the selection of Boyce, my offensive arsenal is complete. With Danny Amendola, Josh Boyce, and Aaron Dobson in the fold, my team will have the ability to make plays at every level of the football field…. Underneath, inside, outside, deep, in the middle.

You won’t be able to stop me. The only way to beat my team would be to match me score for score with an equally powerful offense. Unfortunately for everyone else, I’ve picked up the biggest threats on offense. So… ummm… yeah. Good luck with that.