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Forbes: Patriots #2 Most Valuable Franchise

Every year, Forbes ranks teams based upon their value and for the second consecutive season, the Patriots finish in second place.

Jim Rogash

The rankings are available for everyone to digest and it seems as if the Patriots are just printing money. The Patriots come in second place at $1.8B, extremely far behind the first place Dallas Cowboys ($2.3B). The difference from 1st to 2nd is the same from 2nd to 8th- so whatever Mr. Jerry Jones is doing is definitely working.

The Patriots have increased their value 10% over the prior season, which is tied for the 4th largest growth (behind the Rams, Falcons, and Texans) and have extended their gap over the 3rd place Redskins.

Since 2011, the Patriots total growth of 28.6% is the most in the entire league, followed by the Vikings (26.5%), the Cowboys (24.3%), the 49ers (23.6%), and the Texans (20.6%). Coming up with the lowest growth over that span are the Browns (2.9%) and the Chiefs (2.3%). The newly acquired Jacksonville Jaguars have grown 15.9% in that time frame.

What does this mean for us as fans? Well, it means that the team's extraordinarily healthy and not a candidate to move to London. It also means that ticket prices won't be going anywhere. Oh, and if you're interested in buying a team, the Oakland Raiders ($825mm) would be the best place to start.