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Patriots vs. Buccaneers Preseason Recap First Quarter 8-0

The Patriots host the Buccaneers in their second pre-season game.

Jared Wickerham

Brady looks good on the field 8 for 8 on the opening drive.  The offense is drawing some unneeded penalties though.

Develin is getting some looks at Fullback.  It might just be due diligence.

Nice plays by Amendola and Sudfeld.  Sudfeld was blanketed, and he Brady still got that ball in there.

It looked to me like Arrington that was caught flat footed on that long return.  ST needs some work.

Spikes just owned the running back that tried to block him on that sack.  Kelly was also in the backfield.

Nink got a big hold on third down, but the sound of a three and out is pretty good.

Blount looks like he is picking up from last week.  Running with purpose.

Amendola is getting a lot more targets than last week.  Looked good until the one miss.  He either wasn't looking or Brady threw two early.

Spikes ran right by the ball carrier on his blitz.  Vince sniffed out the screen and didn't wrap up the ball carrier.

They are generating tons of pressure, though.