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Patriots vs. Buccaneers Preseason Recap Second Quarter 18-10

The Patriots host the Buccaneers in their second pre-season game.


Mallett looked iffy on his first series.  He threw a duck into the dirt.

Slater came out and showed us why he is on the roster every year.

That was one of the most dominant defensive series I have seen from the Pats in a long, long time.  They were consistently in the backfield.  Three and out sounds good, but doesn't do it justice.

This does though.  Pats have 149 total yards and the Bucs have -1.  Wow.

Mallett connected, but it still looked like a duck.  2 of 4 so far.

Mattes looks like he injured his knee.  I'm a bad person because I was happy it wasn't a starter.  Get well, Mattes.

The ball to Thompkins was catchable, that's on him.

Mallett's second drive ends with 3 points on the board.  He's still only 50% on completions, same as last week.

His progressions look good, but some of his balls just aren't thrown well.  In the area, though.

You can tell the starting line sat down.  There's a HUGE fall off with the second team.  Result?  TD for Buccaneers.

Arrington was the closest guy that didn't cover Ogletree.

Mallet's third series has a nice throw to Dobson.  Nice pass to Edelman.

Smart play to kill the play and comes right back to Vereen.

Sudfeld has a great second effort for the TD.

Mallett's third series ends with 7 points.  8 of 13 for the night.

Fletcher just blitzed and blew a guy away.  QB dumped the ball from the pressure.

A defensive stop by the twos!

Mallet's fourth series and he seems to have good snap on his passes now.

Back to back completions to Dobson and Edelman.

Too much on the Sudfeld pass though.  Line drive to the fingertips.  He came back and hit him for the 1st.

Mallett scrambles for 9 yards, and the pass to Vereen was in his hands.  That's on Vereen.  Mallett could have led him though.

Mallett's fourth series ends with three points, but two penalties on the ST, and Ghost barely misses at 50 yards stealing the points from the board.  Mallett is12 of 20 so far for 60%.