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Patriots vs. Buccaneers Preseason Recap Third Quarter 25-10

The Patriots host the Buccaneers in their second pre-season game.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The twos defended a deep ball!  I didn't know they had it in them.  Corner and safety both converged.

Justin Green tackled Hillis one on one in space.  That kind of thing will get you noticed by the coaches.

Tebow's first series.  Starts with a 4 yard keeper.

Bolden's first run is east - west and never turns the corner.  He loses 3 yards.

Tebow's first throw is to the ground and there is no one in the area at all.

Tebow's first series ends in a three and out.  0 for 1 and 4 yards running.  1 yard total offense.  0 points.

Logan Ryan with a nice, nice pick six and 53 yard return.  7 points on defense!  I like this kid.

That delays Tebow's second series.

The defense looks better than last week or else the Bucs just look much worse than the Eagles.

Tebow's second series.  A line drive to Suds that is contested.  A 1st down scramble is called back due to a hold.

3rd and 21 Tebow chooses to keep it for 11 yards.  That will make his rushing stats look better.

Tebows second series ends with 1 for 3 and -1 yards.  Also 2 rushes for 15 yards.  0 points.

Hillis has just decided to run all over the defense.  Are they getting tired being on the field so often?

The offense needs to buy them some time.

Collins tackle was interesting to say the least.