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Patriots vs. Buccaneers Preseason Recap Fourth Quarter 25-21

The Patriots host the Buccaneers in their second pre-season game.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Forston forced his way to stop Hillis in the backfield.

Tavon Wilson kills the first goal line stop with a hold, and they pick on him with the next two balls until he gives up a TD.

He's not making a strong argument for the 53.

Tebow's third series, the defense plays the run and they run for 0 yards.

Tebow's first pass of the series sails WAY over the head of Thompkins, who didn't look to be expecting a pass, for a pick giving the Bucs a VERY short field.

Tebow's third series ends he's 1 for 4 on the night with an INT.

The defense holds them to 3 though.  That's heartening after the previous drive.

Tebow is back out for a fourth series.

Brandon Bolden with his best run of the night for 25 yards, followed by a couple up the middle.

Tebow tosses a duck that I THINK was to Dobson.  He either massively overthrew or underthrew a receiver.

A short pass to Bolden is tossed in the dirt.  It also looked like a duck.

Tebows fourth series ends.  He burned a little more time this go.  That's a plus.  1 for 6 on the night for -1 yards.  Still 15 yards on the ground.

Ok, then the Pats defense snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.  Could someone maybe cover the deep ball?

Great job on the 4th down stop.

Tebow starts the fifth series by throwing a duck into double coverage to Dobson that is almost picked off.  It helped that the two defenders fought each other for it.

Bolden is keeping things going on the ground.

Bad snap and Tebow turns it into 5 yards.

They couldn't get the snap off before the 2 minute warning, so that will be another teaching moment.  The QB needs to make that happen.

Tebow calls a keeper to get the first down.

No sense of hurry up, so it appears they are trying to burn time.  A delay of game penalty though probably wasn't in the cards.

Tebow rushes for -2 yards on consecutive rushes (he kneeled it) and that's the game.

QB Recap:

Brady is 11 for 12 (91.7%) on the night 107 yards, 1 TD, 8 points. Played 1 quarter.

Mallet is 12 for 20 (60%) on the night 137 yards, 8 yards of rushing, 1 TD, 10 points.  Played 1 quarter.

Tebow is 1 for 7 (14.3%) on the night -1 yard, 30 yards of rushing, 1 INT, 0 points.  Played 2 quarters.