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Patriots Release Three: LB Edds, OT Mattes, DT Vallone

The Patriots continue to trim the fat. Do they have some big moves in their future? Or are they just doing some really early cut downs?


The Patriots have announced the release of three players from the roster.

LB A.J. Edds was on his second stint with the team. Primarily an OLB, Edds was competing with Jeff Tarpinian and rookie Steve Beauharnais for the same depth spot and special teams role. It was clear after the second preseason game that Tarpinian and Beauharnais were winning the competition. Edds was recovering from an ACL injury and will look to latch on to the bubble of some other team.

OT R.J. Mattes is a definite IR candidate as he left the second preseason game with an ankle injury. He was one of the top offensive line prospects and the Patriots could be trying to sneak him on the team for next year. Mattes was fighting with Brice Schwab for likely one spot on the practice squad and his injury is a way for the Patriots to potentially keep both. Mattes was my top Patriots offensive line prospect this off-season.

DT Scott Vallone was an undersized defensive tackle out of Rutgers. He never really had a chance to make the roster and he didn't flash.