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Fantasy Football League Information and Draft Times

A huge thanks to everyone who expeditiously jumped in and joined a fantasy league this year or helped create one.

As it currently stands, we'll be debuting three official Pats Pulpit fantasy football leagues through Yahoo! Sports. Throughout the season, I'll be posting weekly fantasy updates as they pertain to all three leagues including that week's results, revised standings, dominating weeks, biggest standout performers, et cetera.

If you're still looking for a league to join, please leave a comment including your e-mail address below. We don't want any active members to be left out this year. Feel free to use the comment section to plug your own league if you happen to have a few spots still available. Some raging fantaholics (much like myself) always find themselves biting off more teams than they can chew each year, and this season will be no exception. Without further ado:

<h4>Pats Pulpit I: Bledsoe League</h4>

Commish: Adam Fox (Adam Fox)

Draft Time: Sunday, September 1 (5 p.m. EST)

Teams: 12

0.5 PPR

Mr. Situs Team Situs
Cobra Call Me Brady
Wyley BradyBunches of Oats
Nick Pop Lock and Dobson
LenoOne **!Alpha GO!**
Will Will's Team
Hari The Brady Bunch
Kevin LeGarrette Blount
Richard Fourth Round Barkley
Oh the Hoomanity
Gregory Can't Stop the Knop
Adam Logan's Ryan

<h4>Pats Pulpit II: Bruschi League</h4>

Commish: Alex Freeman (freemanator)

Draft Time: Sunday, September 1 (4 p.m. EST)

Teams: 11 (need one more)

0.5 PPR

- Pats In The Cradle
- The Comedian
- Scalding Chowdah
- Just The Tip...
- Brian's Bold Team
- The Hamburglers
- Russ's Team
- The Mesko Show
- Moss This Moss That
- Wilfork Island
- Boucher's Bunnies

<h4>Pats Pulpit III: Seau League</h4>

Commish: Jeffrey Melhorn (18-1 damn)

Draft Time: Sunday, September 1 (1 p.m. EST)

Teams: 12 (need 8 more)

0.5 PPR

Division 1

- Knuckle Children
- Top the Chop

Division 2

- Blurred Lions (saintweirdo3)
- The Jäger Bombers (Gilb)

In addition, feel free to match your team to your SB Nation username below so I can tag all of you in the tables above.

Best of luck during the drafts!