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Patriots vs. Giants: Fan Notes from Preseason Week 4

Notes, musings, and observations from the Patriots' 28-20 preseason victory over the New York Giants.

Jared Wickerham

I should probably open these notes with a disclaimer: I put exactly as much time, effort, and thought into these notes as a hydrated man watching a meaningless and increasingly boring game should put into it. What that translates into is that, while I watched the whole game, I'm not sure how much of it I actually saw. So some of these Fan Notes may make no sense. You've been warned.

  • One of these years, I'm not going to giggle at a man whose last name is Cox. But it sure wasn't last night. When Michael Cox took it out, I definitely giggled.
  • That giggle turned into a straight up laugh when I realized that Mike is short for Michael, meaning his name is Mike Cox.
  • Justin Pugh is another great name. If he was my friend, every time he walked in the door to my house I would put on my newscaster's voice and say, "This just in...Pugh!" while holding my nose and fanning the air in front of my face.
  • Yes, I'm in my 30s. And no, I will never cease finding toilet humor hysterical. If you don't like it, don't read it.
  • I was initially quick to make a big deal about Adrian Wilson being pretty much the only Patriots "starter" in the game early last night, but New England has been playing him at multiple positions all preseason, so it's really hard to gauge whether there is any real cause for concern here.
  • What IS a cause for concern is watching Wilson get absolutely smoked on the kickoff immediately following New England's first score of the day. That's twice now this preseason that Wilson has looked slow and gotten burned.
  • When it comes to Ryan Mallett, I have no problem taking checkdown completions and running with them as if it shows maturity and solid pocket decision-making.
  • That missed TD pass to Leon Washington was actually more on Washington than Mallett. There was a small hesitation in his run there that disrupted the timing; had he just kept going, that would have floated directly into his hands for the score.
  • Why can't the Giants play like this against the Patriots when it matters???
  • I think that Carl Banks may be my favorite NFL commentator. What a gem that guy is. A few of my favorite quotes from last night:
  • [after a Josh Boyce reverse]: "Everyone was stuck looking at the middle of the pile, and they ran a reverse on them." And here I was thinking only Dan Dierdorf was capable of that kind of insight.
  • [after a David Wilson run]: "That's great speed there. Look at him run past the contain guy!" Genius.
  • [after the Giants' first touchdown drive against the Patriots backups]: "Tom Coughlin has to be very happy about that." Guy sounds like John Madden 2.0.
  • [after a Tim Tebow pick]: "To play the quarterback position, accuracy is probably higher on the list for a coach when evaluating his passer." Right you are, Carl.
  • Duron Harmon had a nice night. Made some good tackles, showed good awareness, didn't get burned too badly. Tavon Wilson's job security is looking more and more tenuous.
  • How sad is it that last night's crowd was as loud on the Giants' 3rd downs as the crowd usually is during the regular season?
  • Jake Bequette was an absolute nonfactor last night. He wasn't even around the ball enough to be even remotely involved in the play.
  • Enjoy unemployment, Jonathan Haggerty.
  • What was Tiger Woods doing there? Was it Bring Your Wife to the Game night at Gillette?
  • I was very excited to see Zach Sudfeld line up wide and motion into the slot on several occasions. Not only was it great to note his speed and versatility - but man do those flowing locks bounce when he hits his stride.
  • Kenbrell Thompkins better watch his back, because his evil twin Kendrell Thompkins had a very strong showing last night.
  • You know what I really like about Aaron Dobson? I have yet to see him preen and celebrate after a catch. That shows maturity that a lot of receivers don't have - including some veterans (looking your way, Santonio Holmes).
  • Ideally the pass intended for Dobson in the end zone that got picked off is one that you want to see Dobson go up and get, as he has the height and ability to win those battles. That said, the pass was a little underthrown, but Dobson was out of position.
  • I really hope that the PI calls that got flagged last night aren't indicative of the calls we're going to see all season.
  • That Josh Boyce touchdown was a great throw, but an even better catch. Over the shoulder, arms fully extended - great concentration.
  • That Michael Buchanan strip sack was a nice little preview of the player he could be once he put some weight on. Kind of the exact opposite of me.
  • I love that Tommy B suited up. You never know when your number is going to be called.
  • Why does it look like it takes FOREVER for Tim Tebow to release the ball?
  • That said - that legendary Tebow to Daniel Fells connection was in full swing.
  • How weird is it to see a Patriot wearing number 39 who is actually taller than someone else on the field?
  • I believe the Jews have a word to describe Tebow's performance last night: Oy.
  • I found myself pretty much at a loss for words as soon as the 2nd half started. It was just an absolute disaster for Timmy T. Sorry, bud. You're a great guy, but things are looking bleak.
  • Towards the fourth quarter, Tebow just started hucking it deep and out out of bounds. He seemed to be employing the exact same strategy I would if I found myself suddenly thrust into an NFL game and had a bunch of large men trying to take me down.
  • That said - that Quentin Sims touchdown was about as vintage Tebow as it gets. Crap piled on crap, then all of a sudden he pulls a play out of nowhere and puts points on the board so Skip Bayless has some more fodder for how great he is.
  • Aaaand then he throws it directly to McBride on the very next drive. Atta boy.
  • Remember when David Carr was the 1st overall pick of the draft?
  • 4th and 1 on the 49 with Tim Tebow as your QB in the most meaningless quarter of the most meaningless game of the entire year, and the Pats decide to punt. And what's worse, I agree with the call.
  • Nice little blitz to close out the preseason. I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that big sack will directly translate into 2013 being the year that the Patriots finally get their pass rush.
  • At least Tim Tebow's last NFL pass resulted in a touchdown, right?