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Recapping Recent Patriots Transactions

The Patriots have made 21 roster moves since July 19th, we recap each of those moves here.


The New England Patriots have made a flurry of minor moves since shortly before the start of training camp. Since July 19th, the team has made a total of 21 different moves.

Most of these moves can be considered minor, but reflect the constantly changing state of the back-end of the roster this time of the calendar. As it stands, the Patriots roster stands at 88 players. Here is a recap of each of the transactions that the Patriots have made in the last 16 days, directly from the transaction wire:

08/03/2013: Released rookie OL Elvis Fisher and first-year WR Lavasier Tuinei.
08/02/2013: Released rookie DL Travis Chappelear and rookie LS Mike Zupancic. Signed first-year OL Luke Patterson and rookie OL Brice Schwab.
08/01/2013: Released rookie DB Stephon Morris; Signed rookie DL Travis Chappelear, WR Johnathan Haggerty, first-year WR Lavasier Tuinei and rookie free agent DL Scott Vallone.
07/31/2013: Released rookie WR Perez Ashford, veteran WR Lavelle Hawkins and OL Nick McDonald.
07/25/2013: Released rookie OL Matt Stankiewitch, re-signed veteran free agent OL Tyronne Green.
07/22/2013: Signed rookie free agent DL Anthony Rashad White
07/21/2013: Signed rookie DB Justin Green
07/19/2013: Released veteran WR Donald Jones. Signed rookie WRs Perez Ashford and Quentin Sims.

Most of the signings have been rookies who can be considered longshots to make the roster. The only exception there is the signing of Tyronne Green. The release of veteran receivers Donald Jones and Lavelle Hawkins as well as lineman Nick McDonald were all notable.

The shuffle on the back-end of the roster will likely continue at least until the first round of cuts. Teams must have their rosters down to 75 players by 4:00 PM ET on August 27th. On August 31st, teams must cut down their rosters to 53.