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Patriots vs. Eagles Preseason Recap First Quarter 14-7

The Eagles host the Patriots in their first pre-season game.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The game started out with a 62 yard Stevan Ridley run run to set the pace for the running game.  With a combination of LeGarrette Blount and Stevan Ridley the Patriots imposed their will with nothing but running plays ending with a TD run by Stevan Ridley.  One thing of note on the drive was Blount needed 1 yard and got three in an obvious run situation.  Unfortunately, the Eagles easily answered with a bomb over Aqib Talib to DeSean Jackson.  Jackson was just too fast for Talib.

Brady started the second series with an incompletion thrown as he was grabbed by the Eagles DE.  This series featured a balanced combination of passes and rushing that ended in a beautiful arc to Ben Shane Vereen in the corner of the endzone for a TD.  Thompkins really stood out as a go to receiver for Brady on this series that featured passes to Amendola and Dobson as well.

Patriots defense is stout against the run, but they are still having issues in some coverage.  They still were able to generate a defensive stop thanks to the efforts of sure tackler Kyle Arrington on Brent Celek.

Mallett started the third series when my PC crashed watching Preseason Live, so I missed what happened.  Mallett went 0 for 2 attempts.  Chandler Jones forces a fumble and the Pats recover.

Mallet looks sharp on the fourth series as he determines Fells is his new BFF.