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Patriots vs. Eagles Preseason Recap Half-Time 24-14

The Eagles host the Patriots in their first pre-season game.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Fourth series, Mallett isn't able to get it done as he spreads the ball around.  The Pats went for the FG, but Gostkowski misses.

The defense has a lot of energy, but some of it is misdirected.  Collins comes in on a blitz and misses Foles, but forces an incompletion on the next play as he gets in Foles' face.  You can tell Vince Wilfork is sitting out as the Eagles manage to run for the TD.

Fifth series starts out with another Rdiley run, and Dobson gets a nice first down.  Mallett turns a potential 15 yard loss into a bullet to Studfeld who gets the first down and more.  Brady barking on the sidelines and getting guys psyched up.  Vereen grabs the ball a couple yards behind the LOS and dances out for 7 yards.  Then proceeds to pick up the first down.  Dobson follows with a concentration drop that was on the money.  Mallett in general is looking pretty sharp.  Unfortunately, he hasn't found the endzone.  Good news is, Ghost hits his next FG.  He needs practice too, you know.

A 51 yard TD run by the big man LeGarrette Blount means he'll make the team.  BTW, hitting the punter when your defense forces a stop is a good way to find another line of work.

Mallett got hurt, and Tebow comes out and pretty much does nothing.  He took too long to make reads and didn't see the blitz coming.  But it's just one series.

Allen makes a nice tackle to keep his punt from coming back to the house.  That play will be replayed in a loop at Foxboro tomorrow.  Coverage was awful.  I hope it was 2nd stringers.

Marquice Cole has some coverage skills, and Harmon can play some safety - all against guys that are on the bottom of the depth chart.

It's still Tebow time, and there's 6 seconds to go.  A throw to Washington end the half.