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Patriots vs. Eagles Preseason Recap Third Quarter 31-14

The Eagles host the Patriots in their first pre-season game.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Belichick starts the half-time comments in mid-season form.

167 yards passing and 167 yards rushing in the first half.  You just can't get more balanced than that.

Gostkowski's kick-offs are also in mid-season form.

Barkley and Tebow match up well together.  They should compete in a one on one cage match....

Washington also runs back some punts.  Don't know if that means that Edelman is injured or just done for the night.

Tebow sees the blitz and decides to rush against it for a first down.  What would Brady do?

Tebow waits too long reading Sudfeld and takes a sack.

Bolden looks good catching the ball.  Maybe we do keep 5 backs....

Blount comes out moving like Vereen, and finishes up hitting like a 250 pound back.  He's not giving up his spot.

Mallett has a head injury and they are keeping him out to make way for Tebow time.

They are lining up Collins everywhere.  He's always around the ball.  At this rate, he may be used as fourth quarter QB.

Tebow time isn't pretty.  If we're stuck with it for some reason or another, we might still win some games, but there is a HUGE fall off from Tom to Tim.  His deep ball misses Dobson for a TD.

Ghost is 1 for 3 on the night for field goals.  It wouldn't surprise me if Bill brings in another kicker for motivation.