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Patriots vs. Eagles Preseason Recap Fourth Quarter 31-22

The Eagles hosted the Patriots in their first pre-season game.


Our former tight-end, Salas, that we wanted to keep beat us for a TD.  Then we gave up a two point conversion.

Barkley time looks better than Tebow time.

Blount gets hit at the line and still gets nearly 4 yards.  He is fighting for a job.

Tebow's 2nd deep ball is a line drive toward the DB.  This is supposed to be Tebow's strength.  He'll also be on tomorrow's lowlight reel.  Welcome to Foxboro, Tim.

Vega looks like he has some wheels as he chases Dixon down from behind.  Justin Green has been up and down in coverage, but he wrapped up and ensured the fourth down stop.  The time he runs past the receiver and doesn't tag him down will be on the replay reel tomorrow.

Third and 18 with Tebow, and ... nothing.  I thought fourth quarter was Tebow time.  Oh well, we're still ahead.  For now.  The defense is still bleeding yards, though.  The run defense is completely different when Vince sits down.

Ok, the defense quit wrapping up as they get tired.  That will definitely be a teaching point.  They are pressuring Dixon and his third string O-line, and Dixon is wilting as a passer.  Unfortunately, they can't stop the run at all.

After all of the time the defense was on the field, what we need from Tebow is to burn some time off of the clock.  How does he handle that with a loaded box?

Negative yards by Winn who didn't even have time to drop his pads.  Second down run by Tebow was ugly as it turned into a pitch.  Third down Bolden had a nice run, but too many yards to make up.  About 20 seconds off of the clock.  Not good at all.

Goal line stand to end the game, and the Pats stop the run ... finally!

Five Up:

  1. LeGarrette Blount - runs hard, and has more shake that I ever would have thought.  He's a keeper.
  2. Kenbrell Thompkins - seems to have great rapport with Brady.
  3. The rest of the running backs.  It doesn't look like we've lost any traction on the ground, since last year.
  4. Vince Wilfork - imposes a no run zone that no other combination on the defense can match.
  5. Secondary depth - while not great, they look like they belong on an NFL field.  Some day.

Five Down:

  1. Tebow time - I've got no problem with the read option, but burning 20 seconds off of the clock with a little over 2 minutes to go isn't good at all.  They set up to stop the run, and there was nothing left.
  2. Dobson - had a couple good catches, but also had a concentration drop and was forced out of some plays by the CB.
  3. Gostkowski - 1 for 3 in field goals.  Vinatieri he wasn't.
  4. Depth DTs - were pushed off of the ball all night long.
  5. Edelman - fumbled once and looked less polished than the rookies.  Maybe just a little rust.
All in all, we have no major injuries, and Mallett's head should quit ringing soon.  Brady and the ones looked great.  Vince and the ones looked great against the run, but tended to over-react on everything else.  A case of nerves, perhaps.