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Bill Belichick's Contract Extended

The head coach, general manager, and overlord of New England is here for the long haul.


The last time Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was given a contract extension, it was right after Week 2 of the 2007 season, with the Patriots going 2-0 and heading down an incredible stretch for a season of the ages. He locked himself in through the 2013 season and led the team to two Super Bowls and an additional conference championship.

Looks like Belichick ain't going anywhere.

Ian Rapoport of reported that Belichick is now extended beyond the 2013 season, although the details of the contract remain unknown. Some speculated (sports radio, yadda yadda) that Belichick might only have interest in staying around as long as Tom Brady is around- and Brady just locked himself in through 2017 and his milestone age of 40 years old. I'd bet all the marbles that Belichick was extended through 2017 (his own 65th year) and perhaps on to 2020.

No matter how long Belichick stays, he's forever locked in to New England lore and deserves to be on any pantheon of coaching. Here's to another great future!