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Week 3 Afternoon Games Thread

Patriots are off to 3-0; let's just enjoy the rest of the week.

Jim Rogash

The Patriots did their job and move on to 3-0. Now all you have to care about is your fantasy team.

Or the rest of the games. Conference, division, yadda yadda. If Atlanta thumps the Dolphins, the Patriots will have sole possession of first place in the AFC East. Which would be nice.

Cincinnati scored 21 straight points to come back to beat Green Bay.

Dallas thumped the Rams, while the Saints rolled over the Cardinals.

The Panthers shut out the Giants (38-0), while the Ravens looked great against the Texans (30-9).

Detroit sent the NFC East reigning champ Redskins home 0-3.

The Titans scored a last second touchdown to beat the Chargers.

Former Patriot Brian Hoyer is probably going to start for the Browns for the rest of the year, having led them over the Vikings with three touchdowns and 321 yards (and three INTs, but who's counting).

Let's have a great afternoon!