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Danny Amendola Injury Update: Arrow is Pointing Up

The signs are positive in Danny Amendola's recovery from a torn groin muscle.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots are 3-0 in 2013, and have won two of their last three games without perhaps their three most important playmakers in Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, and Shane Vereen. The Patriots know they won’t have Vereen back until around week ten, but is appears that Rob Gronkowski could return this Sunday for the team.

The arrow is also pointing up for receiver Danny Amendola. According to the Boston Globe, Amendola is progressing “very well” in his recovery from a torn adductor longus in his groin.

This report adds even more momentum from Yahoo! Sports’ Saturday report that Amendola could be ready for the Falcons:

Doctors often treat chronic groin pain by snipping the adductor longus – one of the muscles in the groin – from the pubic bone. Since Amendola's tendon ruptured, he essentially did the doctors' work for them, eliminating the need for surgery during the season. It also means he has a faster recovery time than if he had a groin operation.

Normal recovery time, even without surgery, is anywhere from two to six weeks. League sources said Amendola is healing faster than that, at a pace closer to three to four, which means he might play as soon as next Sunday at Atlanta.

This helps explain why Amendola was able to play through the injury during week one and why he was able to practice, albeit in a limited nature, last week.

The New England Patriots need Danny Amendola back as soon as possible, despite the 3-0 record. If the reports of his progress are true, and the Patriots can somehow return both him and Gronkowski in the next couple of weeks, it will be huge boost to the Patriots offense, and will allow them to become much more versatile on that side of the ball.