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Report: Former Patriots WR Brandon Lloyd May be Retiring

Receiver Brandon Lloyd, released by the Patriots earlier this offseason after one so-so season with the team, could be retiring at the age of 32.

Jim Rogash

The New England Patriots moved on from Brandon Lloyd this offseason after the veteran receiver completed just one year of a three year deal he signed in the Spring of 2012.  Now, after going unsigned for nearly six months, it appears that he could be retiring.  Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports:

Lloyd, 32, performed so-so for the Patriots last season, grabbing 74 receptions for 911 yards and four touchdowns.  However, he struggled to pickup yardage after the catch, and never emerged into the deep threat the Patriots thought he would.  When coupling his average performance with a high salary cap hit ($3 million) and possible locker room troubles, the Patriots decided to move on.

Now it appears that his up-and-down career could be coming to an end sooner than anyone could have expected.

Meanwhile, the Patriots could have as many as four rookies catching passes for them tomorrow against the BIlls.