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Week 1 Game Thread: Patriots vs. Bills

Game thread for the New England Patriots week one match-up against the Buffalo Bills.

Rick Stewart

The stage is set, and football is about to begin.

At 1:00 PM ET today, the New England Patriots will face off against the Buffalo Bills in the 2013 season opener. As usual, keep it here all day to talk Pats!

For those readers who are new to the site, here's how we run our game day threads:

  1. Initial game thread around 30 minutes prior to kick-off
  2. New game thread every quarter along with links to any major updates/injuries
  3. Initial post-game thread following the final whistle
  4. Afternoon/Sunday night football thread

At the end of each quarter, I'll go in to the thread and post the link to the new one... don't worry about finding it yourself. We're pretty liberal to the discussion in the threads. But a few simple rules to follow:

  1. No excess profanity. We understand things get heated in the middle of action, but don't curse to curse.
  2. No personal attacks. Self-explanatory. When it comes to trolls, flag them, but don't let them incite you. We'll take care of them with swift use of the ban-hammer.
  3. No game links or advertising.

If you'd like more details, take a look at our community guidelines.

And oh yeah, go Patriots!