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Patriots 23, Bills 21. Hit the panic button!

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

PATRIOTS ONLY WON BY TWO! PATRIOTS ONLY WON BY TWO Emergency! Emergency! Abandon ship! Everyone run for your lives!

Stevan Ridley fumbled! Zach Sudfeld couldn't reel it in! Brady threw an interception! Buffalo found some blown coverages and took advantage of some turnovers and almost won the game! The rookies had trouble adjusting! The offense is thin! Danny Amendola is hurt! The young guys can't handle the speed of a real game! The pass rush is nonexistent! The secondary stinks! Belichick's arrogance has finally caught up with him!

Brady's window is closing, and THIS is the offense they give him? What were they thinking? Did you see Peyton Manning on Thursday? He was unstoppable! 7 Touchdowns! Hand him the MVP Award now! It's over! It's all over! Mail it in! Crash for Clowney! Season over! Season over!

Get Borges on the phone! Tell him to get to work! To the bomb shelter! To the bomb shelter!