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Per Jeff Howe, Spikes IR for Tardiness "Untrue"

Well here's something else.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Herald's Jeff Howe is shedding some additional light on the Brandon Spikes situation. According to Howe, while the decision to put Brandon Spikes was a mutual decision between the team and player, the decision to place him on the IR had nothing to do with him being late.

So, ESPN reported this morning Spikes was placed on injured reserve in part because he was late for that meeting, and it was the "final straw" for Bill Belichick. A source referred to that report as "absolutely untrue and unfounded." Spikes had issues with tardiness earlier in his career, and Belichick usually had to stay on Spikes to draw the best out of the talented player, so the relationship was certainly interesting. Spikes appreciated the "come to Jesus" talks with Belichick because he recognized the two shared one goal: Greatness.

Belichick was probably ticked about Spikes being late because Belichick is ticked when anyone is late. But to place someone on injured reserve when he can be an asset in the playoffs? A player whom Dont'a Hightower spoke of glowingly this week in terms of leadership, energy and playmaking ability? That doesn't add up.

So while I trust Chris Mortensen of ESPN, I'm inclined to believe the local reporter who also does a fantastic job. What will the truth reveal? Will the truth ever come out? Doubtful, but it just goes to show how much uncertainty surrounds Brandon Spikes and his present and future time with the team.