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Brandon Spikes didn't agree to be placed on season-ending Injured Reserve

Jared Wickerham

Brandon Spikes' agent released a statement that refutes reports that the linebacker and the New England Patriots agreed to place him on season-ending injured reserve. Spikes' agent, Gary Uberstine, also says that he doesn't even need surgery.

"Today, Brandon Spikes received a 2nd medical opinion from Dr. Neal ElAttrache of the famed Kerlan Jobe Institute in Los Angeles, California. Dr. ElAttrache obtained a new MRI of Brandon's left knee, and concluded that no surgical intervention is necessary for the treatment of his PCL injury at this time," the statement claims. "He confirmed that rest, along with the normal treatment protocol, is all that is required."

If this is true, I can't imagine that the Patriots would've rushed to place Spikes on IR unless, behind closed doors, they weren't exactly happy with his play on the field. After all, Spikes was battling through the injury, so it wouldn't surprise me if the team thought they were better without him.

Gary Uberstine then went on to explain how the decision to place Spikes on injured reserve was not mutual. "Brandon had every intention to keep playing throughout the playoffs, despite the pain he was experiencing throughout the season. We never had a single conversation with the Patriots in which they threatened to release him if he didn't accept the Injured Reserve designation."