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Broncos Sign Marquice Cole

Another former Patriot signed by the enemy!

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

I'm starting to notice a trend here.

The Denver Broncos signed CB Marquice Cole today in a move that likely serves two purposes. The first, of course, is to provide secondary depth after losing star cornerback Chris Harris to an torn ACL. The second...

Well, we all know what the second reason is.

Cole played 165 snaps over 13 games with the Patriots this season, primarily in a special teams role, but he did see his fair share of touches at cornerback as New England's decimated defense desperately tried to field able bodies. While he'll best be remembered for teaming up with Devin McCourty to make the interception of the season, for the most part Cole was a relative nonfactor for the Patriots and was on and off the roster several times throughout the year.

It would be easy to play up the gamesmanship angle here, but to be honest, this was 90% a depth signing and 10% a tactic to gain insight into New England's defensive schemes. I'm sure there will be plenty of talk about this move, but Cole was a special teamer first and a  DB second. If Denver needs Cole to provide some magic secret on how to score points on the Patriots, you may as well just give New England the AFC Title now.

Here's hoping Cole sees plenty of time this Sunday.