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NFL Sound FX: Patriots vs Colts

Worth a watch. Go do it!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL uploaded the Sound FX from last week's game between the Patriots and the Colts. They're always worth a watch and I highly recommend this video.

Some highlights, even though it's under five and a half minutes:

*3-4 DE Cory Redding of the Colts seems to be the vocal leader of their defense. He's 33 and towards the end of his career, just like the soon-to-be 33 year old Robert Mathis. It'll be interesting how this Colts team can develop as a franchise without two of its defensive leaders.

*"It's playoff football. All we care about is winning. Let's win every play. We got a date next week, fellas. Let's get there!" - Devin McCourty in the pre-game huddle. Were the Patriots peeking to the championship game, or was this just his way of saying they need to win in order to get to their date? Who is Devin dating?!

*Edelman is clearly a vocal leader on the offense. I'd be shocked if the Patriots don't find a way to bring him back for a longer contract.

Patriots wide receiver coach Chad O'Shea: "That was the best drive."

Edelman: "Hey, that was the best drive? You know what's the best drive? The next drive." *punches O'Shea*

*They show the same touchdown pass to LaVon Brazill, from two angles, in case you were wondering.

*Stevan Ridley concedes that LeGarrette Blount might have a faster 40 yard dash time. Ridley timed 4.65s at the combine. Blount timed 4.70s (although he did have a 4.59s at his Pro Day).

*Dante Scarnecchia meets Andrew Luck at midfield and tells him, "You'll be a champion in this league some day."

Definitely worth a watch!