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AFC Championship: Slow Start for Offenses as Broncos Lead Patriots 3-0

Game thread for the second quarter as the Patriots trail the Broncos 3-0 in the AFC Championship game.


The Patriots got off to a slow start in the AFC Championship, with their first two drives going for three and outs.

Peyton Manning was able to get good yardage on both of his first two drives for the Broncos.  With the Patriots in the cover-five, Manning took what he could underneath.  The Broncos would get the ball to within the ten on their second drive, but the Patriots defense stepped up and held Denver to just three points.

The Patriots finally began to move the ball on their third drive of the game, by spreading the ball out and also using the play action.  However, their drive stalled within the 30 yard line after a Michael Hoomanawanui offensive pass interference on third down pushed the Patriots out of field goal range.

At the start of the second quarter, the Patriots trail the Broncos 3-0.  Denver has the ball after a Patriots punt.