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GNOTD: Browns Don't Hire Josh McDaniels!


Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The past few weeks, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was kicked around as the favorite to take on the Cleveland Browns' head coaching spot. McDaniels has experience as head coach and the current Browns GM, Mike Lombardi, is close friends with Bill Belichick.

McDaniels withdrew from consideration so he could focus on the playoffs, but was recently back in contact with the Browns. It turns out those recent conversations might just be the Browns parting ways with McDaniels as they go a different direction.

The Browns have hired Mike Pettine to be their newest head coach. Pettine spent the past season as the defensive coordinator of the Bills, bringing them into the top 10 as a unit, after having spent pretty much the rest of his career with Rex Ryan. Pettine is a brilliant defensive mind and should fit well in the AFC North.

So good news! All the head coaching vacancies have been filled so McDaniels shall stick with the Patriots for at least one more season. In all likelihood, McDaniels will more seriously consider offers next season, but was never fully committed to leaving the Patriots this offseason.

Congrats to Pettine, and to Josh: let's have a stronger year in 2014!