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Report: Patriots Were Interested in Larry Fitzgerald Last Year

Everyone's favorite rumor actually had some validity to it last year.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Fitzgerald to the Patriots?

Almost every offseason, one or two Pats Pulpit writers or commentators start floating around the ever-present "Larry Fitzgerald to the Patriots" rumor. Discussions about what it would take to get him, whether Arizona would even be willing to let him go, and whether Larry would be willing to restructure his contract for the opportunity to play with a decent quarterback for once always seem to heat up in the offseason before they are unavoidably doused by the absolute plethora of "it's just not going to happen" doubters. Those who don't see it ever happening make a strong case; he is incredibly expensive, New England would have to give up a lot to get him, and there's just no way that Arizona would let a talent like that go.

Well apparently, all of that Larry Fitzgerald to the Patriots talk had a little more verity to it last year than in years past. According to Patriots reporter Tom Curran, New England was interested in making a trade for Fitzgerald during the 2013 season. Obviously, it didn't end up happening, but the fact that the Patriots even had their line in Lake Larry last year is more movement on this undying rumor than we have ever seen, and should definitely ensure that the Fitzgerald-to-Pats discussions for this season remain as strong as ever.

Will the Patriots make a play for Fitz this offseason? As with all things Belichick, nobody has any idea. But I'm sure that won't stop us from talking about it for the next few months.