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CBS to Live Stream Playoffs

Happy days to those without cable!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time ever, CBS will be hosting its playoff games on the internets, via a live stream. Per the report, they will be showing a wild card game, the two divisional playoff games, and the AFC Championship game. Additionally, Dan Dierdorf will be calling his last game ever for the Patriots divisional playoff game.

Last season, per Tech Crunch, CBS streamed the Super Bowl, which would imply that was a large enough success for the station to expand its streaming depth.

Personally, I think this is a brilliant move. Networks need to harness the power and exposure that the internet can provide and showing the undoubtedly most popular programs of the month/year/forever is a wise move. Football is king and expanding the NFL Playoff games to an even broader audience will only end up helping the product.

Fox currently holds the NFC package and would do well to follow CBS's example and test the streaming waters for themselves. Of course, teams want to have fans in the stadium and with the current risk of blackouts for three of the four wild card games*, the league probably won't like the streaming option gaining too much more traction, unless they can find a way to monetize the experience.

(*Bengals, Colts, and Packers have all been given extensions to sell tickets to avoid a blackout. Hooray Eagles.)