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Edelman Pulls Double Duty On All-AFC East Team

Julian Edelman earned two of the 26 possible openings on the All-AFC East team.

Julian Incr-Edelman
Julian Incr-Edelman
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN announced their picks for the All-AFC East team, and the division winning Patriots were well represented, earning 9 of a possible 26 spots.  The Jets earned 8 positions, the Dolphins earned 5, and the Bills earned 4 - all on defense.

With all of the competition, Julian Edelman was picked for 2 positions.  He was the top wide receiver and the punt/kick returner.  He excelled at both this season.

As the alpha QB in the division, Tom Brady yet again was chosen to line up behind center.  Nate Solder and Logan Mankins were chosen to guard his left side.

On defense, Aqib Talib was picked as second corner back, and Devin McCourty was picked at the free safety position. With 11.5 sacks, Chandler Jones earned the nod at defensive end.   In a division with Williams, Wilkerson, and Wake, there's a lot of competition for the defensive end position with just names that begin with W.  All of our opponents have made stopping Brady a top priority.

Stephen Gostkowski earned the spot as top kicker in the division.