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Gronk's an All Pro House Flipper

What can't he do?!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski probably won't have to work another day in his life once he retires from football. But if he ever needs to do something for some quick cash, he's found a new profession that he's already pretty good at it.

Gronk bought himself a home in Tampa in November of 2012 for $1.6mm. It's a beautiful piece of real estate, nearly 4,800 square feet, a tricked out pool, and a boat slip is included (for those less aquatically inclined, boat slips are prime property in cities. It's a place to park your boat).

This past December 2013, Gronk flipped the house for $2.08mm, or an increase of almost half a million, or exactly 30% above what he paid.

That's not to shabby.

Gronk says that he wasn't able to visit the house enough to warrant its ownership, which is a good sign for Patriots fans. It means that he's spending his time up north and working on football instead of living in his vacation house.