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AFC Wildcard Game Thread: Chargers vs. Bengals

Open game thread for the Chargers vs. Bengals AFC Wildcard game.

Andy Lyons

NFL Wildcard Weekend continues today after two incredible games on Saturday.  Of course, the game from yesterday that mattered most to Patriots fans was the Colts' victory over the Chiefs.

The Indianapolis comeback means that they are one of two possible Divisional Round opponents for the Patriots.  The other, the Cincinnati Bengals, play today at 1:05 PM ET on CBS.  Their opponent is the San Diego Chargers, who improbably squeaked into the playoffs as a #6 seed with a victory over the Chiefs in week 17.

The scenarios are simple: if the Bengals win, the Patriots will play them next round.  If they lose, they play the Colts.

In this game, I have every reason to pick the Bengals, which is why I'm going with the Chargers.  The Bengals are the better team on paper, and yes, they're undefeated at home.  But Philip Rivers has been the much more consistent performer this season, and I think he will outplay Andy Dalton at the quarterback position.  Call it a hunch, but I'm taking the Chargers in this one. Greg's Prediction: Chargers 23 Bengals 17

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