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GNOTD: Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski To Have Surgery Thursday

And thus begins the long road to recovery.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

When Patriots All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski went down with an ACL and an MCL injury to the Cleveland Browns, I thought the Patriots season was over. He makes the team unquestionably better and he is the best in the world at his position. Somehow, some way, the Patriots managed to keep marching on.

Well, Gronk is making moves to get back on the field for Week 1 next season as Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that Mr. Fiesta is scheduled to have Dr. James Andrews perform surgery on his torn ACL and MCL this upcoming Thursday.

The general time table for an ACL injury varies from player to player, with Wes Welker tearing an ACL in Week 17 and was ready to roll Week 1 of the follow season. The degree of the injury will impact the recovery time, but Gronk should be penciled in to start Week 1, if only to start playing. He may not be himself for a few more weeks into the season, but Patriots fans should hold out hope for his full recovery.