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Mike Vrabel to Join Bill O'Brien in Houston

Congrats to an all time Patriot!

Hannah Foslien

News from Houston! John McClain of the Houston Chronicle and archnemesis to Hans Gruber has announced that former Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel will be a part of Bill O'Brien's inaugural Texans staff. Vrabel's been an assistant coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes, the same school he attended, for the past three seasons.

Vrabel has an obvious connection to future Texans head coach Bill O'Brien, having served together under Bill Belichick. Vrabel also served as linebacker coach under close-friend-to-Belichick Urban Meyer at Ohio State, and you can be sure that O'Brien asked about his coaching ability.

This is the third former Patriot linked to the Texans (fourth if you include Bill O'Brien), as current tight end coach George Godsey and former tight end coach Brian Ferentz are both linked to O'Brien's future staff.

Congrats to Vrabel on this fantastic opportunity, and let's hope he has as successful of a coaching career as he did on the Patriots.