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Rob Gronkowski's Surgery a Success

Happy days, and let's start the road to recovery.

Jim Rogash

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski went under the knife this morning, guided by the steady hands of Dr. James Andrews, and it seems as if everything went "very well". Gronk was accompanied by his father and by Broncos linebacker Von Miller because, hey, what are friends for? (Miller was undergoing ACL surgery as well)

According to Gronk's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, the surgery is over and went as well as could be. While I'd love to see an agent come out saying otherwise, the fact that Gronk should be able to start healing is great news for Rob, his family, and everyone who enjoys the game of football.

Gronk has a long road of healing ahead of him. It will likely be three months before he can start jogging, and another couple of months before he can start performing in high intensity activities. In the best case scenario, he should be ready to participate in the pre-season, while there's an off-chance that he may not ready and has to follow the same timeline as this past season.

Gronk, get healthy!