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Week 4 Patriots vs Chiefs: GIF of the Week

There weren't many great plays, but here they are in a soundless image!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There's little reason to celebrate anything from Monday night's effort, but there were some plays that were worth highlighting. Here are the top GIFs from the Patriots game against the Chiefs.

Slater tha Kid


I feel like Matthew Slater is impossible. He's a heat seaking missile and he manages to take down a returnman almost every week. It's extremely impressive. How he manages to sprint 60 yards down the field, just in time for the returner to recognize the fact that he's received the ball, wrap up their legs, and end the play without stopping is beyond me.

He should be teaching all the players on defense how to attack the ball carrier. Slater is the best.

Gronk is Back


Rob Gronkowski is back in a big way. He was playing angry and he carried four Chiefs defenders into the end zone, starting at the 5 yard line. If there's a better way to declare that Gronk is back and he's going to Hulk Smash his way into the offense, it's beyond me. What a fantastic effort, similar to James Develin's goal line dives of last season.

But Gronk Still Don't Care


We're still losing? Not worth spiking. Jimmy Garoppolo's first touchdown pass? I'll throw it on the ground. Rookies Cameron Fleming and Bryan Stork are there to celebrate? Maybe next time, fellas.

Side note, love the full bowl of Arrowhead Stadium. That's gotta be crazy to be surrounded on all ends.

Quarterback Controversy?



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