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Bill Belichick on Brandon Browner Playbook Struggles: "No."

The Patriots have another issue on their hands. Let's sweep it under the rug.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

A week after having to elegantly and beautifully take down the controversy surrounding Aaron Dobson, the Patriots have another rumor on their hands, this time with regards to Brandon Browner.

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, a respected and reputable source of information, says that some believe that Browner, one of the big free agent acquisitions this season, has been slow to learn the playbook and led to his benching last week.

Disdainful Belichick, anyone?

That's not to say the report is wrong. Just like the Dobson report, there's probably some truth behind the information and it's likely that Browner is struggling with some aspects of the defense; after sitting for four weeks, it'd be more of a surprise if he was at 100% out of the gate.

But also like the Dobson report, it's possible that Occam's Razor is in play. Dobson had barely returned to the field and wasn't completely healed with respect to his lateral ability. The Patriots didn't want to risk his recovery and opted to sit him until he was better.

Perhaps Browner sat last week because he needs more time on the practice field with the team. It can be linked to "struggling", but more likely he's still getting his football legs back.

From Belichick's mouth, "I don't think the learning part of it is any issue at all. It hasn't been since he's been here."