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Stevan Ridley and Rob Gronkowski Each Suffer an Injury vs. Bills

The Patriots suffered two more injuries in their game against the Bills: Rob Gronkowski and Stevan Ridley.

Brett Carlsen

The bodies keep falling for the New England Patriots during this week six game against the Buffalo Bills.

In the third quarter, the Patriots had two additional key offensive players suffer injuries.

First, Rob Gronkowski appeared to injure his knee and arm diving for a deep throw from Tom Brady. He was able to walk off the field, mostly under his own power, and returned to the game two plays later. It looks like Gronkowski and the Patriots dodged a bullet on that one.

A play later, Stevan Ridley suffered what appeared to be a more serious ankle injury. Ridley was writhing in pain after the play, and has yet to return to the game. He did lose the ball on the play, but it was after he was clearly down by contact.

Earlier in the game, the Patriots lost linebacker Jerod Mayo and guard Dan Connolly to injury.

We will have further updates on both Ridley and Gronkowski as soon as we hear anything.