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Patriots Julian Edelman Pass Interference in End Zone

The Patriots receiver was knocked around in the end zone. It's hilarious.

Brett Carlsen

Don't worry, this will be a part of our GIF of the Week.

The score was zero to zero at the start of the second quarter. The Patriots were following a semi-successful drive that was derailed by a poor snap by Danny Aiken. They regained possession of the ball due to a Jamie Collins interception and started their drive on the New England 39 yard line.

Julian Edelman reception for eight yards. Another by Edelman for thirteen. An Edelman end-around for ten yards and the Patriots were at the Bills 30 yard line, entirely on the back of Edelman.

So the Patriots decide to go for the touchdown; they want it all on one play. Edelman had earned all the yardage on the drive and was again the main target in the end zone.

This was amazing. Possibly the play of the game. The defensive back had no idea what was going on. None. Edelman was slowing down and the Bills defensive back, Duke Williams (who Rob Gronkowski completed dominated for the entire game), just doesn't know what to do.

I don't know. How can you explain that? Edelman's not even reaching for the ball when Williams clocks him.

Whatever, Patriots get the ball on the one yard line, Edelman doesn't even get a look for the touchdown even though he was responsible for literally the entire drive, and Tim Wright gets a big stamp of approval from New England.

Happy days. Don't forget- Edelman deserves touchdowns, too.