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Week 6 Patriots vs Bills: GIF of the Week

The Patriots pull off another great victory in Buffalo. Vote for the GIF of the game!

Tom Szczerbowski

Everyone admit it: You weren't sure where this game was heading at halftime. Like week 1 against Miami, the Patriots had a slight lead at halftime, mostly due to all of the Bills turnovers. New England wasn't able to capitalize and the Bills stuck around; it's the perfect recipe for an upset.

Luckily something clicked at halftime and the Patriots went wild. Here are the best GIFs of the day:

The Flying Edelman

Full EdelPush

Edelman picked up every yard on this drive, except for the touchdown. This defensive pass interference call brought the Patriots to the goal line. Everything about this play goes well for the Patriots, which means that you can laugh at how ridiculous the Bills defender played the ball.

There's no way the penalty could have been closer to the ref.

Edelman wasn't even moving to get the ball.

The "disbelief" on getting flagged.

The linebackers both silently cursing.

And then Edelman slowly barrel rolls out of the camera shot.

This play is perfect.

SS Chandler Jones

Chandler SS

It's possible that this was the play of the game. It changed the direction of the game and it shows the gross athleticism of Chandler Jones. The rip-and-dip that Chandler does to turn the corner took advantage of the seemingly zero pocket presence that Bills quarterback Kyle Orton showed all day.

Oh, I think Chandler Jones' shoulder is okay now. How does he grab the ball with the same arm he tomahawk'd the ball from Orton?


Tyms TD

We haven't seen a play like that in a long while. One that strikes fear into opponents. One that had no business being completed. Brian Tyms attacked the ball. In the end zone. He used his size and strength to get the ball away from the well positioned defender. Tom Brady threw a dime exactly fifty yards. The pocket provided enough protection.

This was gorgeous. Let's hope that Tyms can continue to develop in the offense because this is so much more preferable to the random deep shots to Matthew Slater.

Gronk and Seventeen

Gronk 3 and 16

The Patriots were in a tough situation. They were up eight, deep in their own territory, with just over three minutes left in the game. They were in a third-and-sixteen situation. If the Bills got the ball back, there was a chance for them to tie; a first down essentially ices the game.

Enter Rob Gronkowski. Anyone debating if he's back or not? He pivots on a dime to separate from the linebacker and plants himself at the first down sticks. Tom Brady fires a bullet, low and inside. Depending on your view of Brady, he either threw it behind Gronk, or he protected Gronk from defenders coming from the right side.

Whatever. As close to a game clincher without scoring any points.

Which was the best GIF on the day? Go vote!