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Week 7 Sunday Games Open Thread

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Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots might not have a game, but there's a lot to watch on this beautiful Sunday. Here's your rooting guide:

1:00PM Games

Vikings @ Bills - Everyone's rooting for the Vikings. No questions.

Falcons @ Ravens - Matt Ryan versus Joe Flacco. I'm rooting for the Falcons.

Browns @ Jaguars - Do you want the Jaguars to finally get a win? Or are you rooting for Brian Hoyer? I'm all aboard for Hoyah tha Destroyah

Panthers @ Packers - Doesn't really matter, but the Packers have been the hottest team as of late, while Cam Newton has turned into an outstanding passer, not just a rushing threat. Should be a great game.

Dolphins @ Bears - Vote for Chicago. The Bears are the Patriots opponent next week so this should be a game of special interest.

Bengals @ Colts - A heavyweight fight at 1:00pm, I'm rooting for the Bengals. Colts at home are a tough game, though. Andrew Luck is playing extremely well.

Saints @ Lions - The Lions have the best defense in the league and the Saints, while not flying high, are still led by Drew Brees. Root for the Saints, but enjoy the Lions defense.

Seahawks @ Rams - Rams:Seahawks::Jets:Patriots. Should be a close game regardless of standing. Root for the Rams.

Titans @ Washington - Root for Tennessee for Jason McCourty's sake. Washington has a good chance of winning, though.

4:05 PM

Chiefs @ Chargers - Root for the Chiefs, but enjoy watching the Chargers who are one of the most dominant teams this season.

4:25 PM

Giants @ Cowboys - A great divisional fight; the Giants offense had been looking great before sputtering next week. The Cowboys look great. Should be a great game.

Cardinals @ Raiders - A game between two teams who can't catch a break. Cardinals have been coming over a ridiculous array of injuries, while the Raiders just can't win. Root for both teams! Hooray!

8:30 PM

49ers @ Broncos - Everyone root for the 49ers. Duh.