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Thursday Night Football: Vikings @ Packers Open Discussion Thread

Feel free to discuss Thursday Night's game!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The 2-2 Vikings are at the 2-2 Packers for tonight Thursday Night Football game. You'll note that the Packers, a playoff favorite, are 2-2 and currently ranked third in their division. The Lions, a team without playoff success for a long, long time are currently at the top of the division. The Bears, likely considered the Packers top rival, rank 4th.

I'm not going to try and force parallels, but c'mon now. It's just uncanny.

The Vikings will be without Matt Cassel or Teddy Bridgewater and will be playing Christian Ponder at quarterback. The Vikings are already facing and uphill climb and playing the 3rd string quarterback, regardless of first round pedigree, is not a good place to start.

The Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will look to r-e-l-a-x his fans and put together another dominant performance.

As always, divisional games should be great. The game starts at 8:25 pm and will be shown on CBS and NFL Network.

Who are you rooting for?