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The Jets Stooges: Watch the New York Jets Take Themselves Out

There were some struggles with tackling on Thursday Night. Let's look at it from a positive light.

Jared Wickerham

The Patriots and the Jets weren't the most agile on Thursday night and it's pretty easy to point at the rain that was down-pouring prior to opening kickoff. Don't let those facts get in the way of how hilarious it was to see some of the Jets attempts and making plays last week.

Jets Stooges

Here, Jets nose tackle Damon Harrison is trying to crash into left guard Jordan Devey to allow Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson to stunt their way into the backfield. Wilkerson, with the great help from right guard Josh Kline, gets pushed into Harrison's back as a mosh pit of Devey, Harrison, Wilkerson, and center Ryan Wendell forms to the left side of the pocket.

Kline and right tackle Sebastian Vollmer do a great job of handling the stunting Richardson, who pirouettes into the pile on the ground and ultimately falls over. It's quite beautiful.

This next one is slightly more graceful.

Jets Stooges 2

I don't even know what happens here. Julian Edelman throws a tremendous block and the Jets defensive back just cyclones into the pursuing tackle. Shane Vereen hits the edge and springs for a first down. The sprawling Jets player almost takes out all three in pursuit, and might have even forced the lead chaser to make a premature lunge.

It's great. The Jets are hilarious.