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Week 7 Patriots vs Jets: GIF of the Week

The Patriots battled on a short week and won a victory of redemption.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Chris Jones story line was perfect. The player who was flagged on a missed field goal attempt by the Jets in overtime last season, which led to a subsequent attempt the Jets made, was responsible for swatting down the Jets last ditch attempt of a field goal this season.

It's a story of redemption and it's a story of competitors who won't give up and those who will fight through all of the adversity. Whether it's Danny Amendola's shining moment, or Shane Vereen picking up the torch from a fallen comrade, these Patriots played the Jets and left a message for the rest of the league: this team has faced adversity and overcome it; New England won't go down without a fight.

Vereen Kicking down the Door

Vereen Kick

This is Stevan Ridley's touchdown celebration. Ridley was placed on the injured reserve after tearing his ACL and MCL. Vereen and Ridley were drafted in the same year and are extremely close. This meant a lot to Vereen.

Defensive Tidal Wave

3rd and 5 Pass Rush

This was on 3rd and 5. The Jets were down one point in the fourth quarter and the Patriots needed to stop the Jets. The defense had forced the Jets to punt on just one of the previous six drives (the previous drive) and the defense needed to prove that it could.

Enter Chandler Jones, the Patriots sandman of sorts. The Patriots rushed six and there were four with a legitimate chance of taking down Geno Smith- Rob Ninkovich might've gotten there first if he hadn't been held. The defense will be moving forward without Jones, but this was one last hurrah until his return.

Amendola Improvisation

Amendola TD

The proclaimed "Greatest Route Ever Run; Who'da Thunk He'd Run for the Goal Line" route on 3rd and 19. Tom Brady actually threw it behind Danny Amendola who, it should be noted, was the player of the game for the Patriots. His kick returns were fantastic, he added plenty in the passing game, even if it wasn't fully reflected in the box score, and he recovered the Jets onside kick attempt.

Hopefully this is a step forward for Amendola. He's a great player when involved.

Chris Jones Vertical

Jones Block Kick


Also, the Patriots have been surprisingly active this season on kicks. Wonder what's changed.