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Week 8 Patriots vs Bears: GIF of the Week

The Patriots took the Bears out to pasture; here are the best moments.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

How great was the game? Honestly, I can't pick out just four plays or moments and I had a few that I enjoyed that just didn't make the cut. The Patriots absolutely demolished the Bears and the team is clicking on all cylinders as they play host to the Broncos.

The Patriots scored on eight of their first nine drives, the lone exception stalling because of an end-around to Tim Wright with the game already out of hand; Josh McDaniels was just adding pages to the playbook opposing teams will have to review.

Prior to the Tim Wright end-around, with the Patriots building a 45-7 lead, the Bears had two drives extend longer than 20 yards: the 77 yard drive on the back of Matt Forte's 62 yards, and then a six minute and 55 yard drive in the third quarter that resulted in a Bears turnover on downs.

The Patriots defense, when playing tight coverage, allowed drives of 2, 15, 5, -3, -5, and 20 (ending in a hail mary interception right before the half, so this doesn't even count). That's complete domination of a generally prolific offensive attack.

Here are the best plays from the day:

Darrelle Revis says "No, no, no!"

Revis No

This is the Revis that all Patriots fans were expecting. One who plays with swagger, one who dominates the opposition, and one who instills fear in opposing offenses.

When Revis was covering Brandon Marshall, Jay Cutler and the Bears threw six passes their direction. They completed one for 11 yards, with a pass defended (the above) and an interception on a hail mary. That 11 yard reception came with the Patriots playing prevent and up 48-15. It was complete domination.

Revis' closeup was one of the highlights of an early blow out.

Fumble Return for a Touchdown

Return TD

How can a play so important miss the GIF of the Week competition? To be honest, and not to try and sway the voters, this is probably my least favorite of the nominees. Sure, it's incredible that the Patriots generated this pressure just rushing four. Sure, it actually gets funnier the more you watch Rob Ninkovich loop around the entire pocket. And sure, everything's just a little more fun when you crank up the speed.

Actually, I'm starting to like this. Just watch Ninkovich. Again and again and again. Around and around and around.

This is beautiful.

Rock on, Musketmen

Musket Guitars

These are clearly the Bill and Ted of the Revolutionary War. The bearded fellow on the right is clearly relaying a mesage from their captain telling them to knock it off.

The guitarist on the left is absolutely killing it. He's shredding and he's in the middle of a sweet solo and the man isn't going to make him stop.

The one on the right. Clearly playing the bass. Come on, man. You can play any imaginary instrument and you choose the bass. That head nod is killer, though.

Rob Gronkowski will Gronk you

Gronk Beast

Gronk doesn't care. Gronk smashes. He smashes defenders, touchdowns, spikes, the English and Spanish languages, he doesn't care one bit. He'll smash it to bits.

He just completely disregarded the Bears attempts at defense. Like, he's saying "get off me, bro," and then proceeds to run an extra 25 yards for a touchdown.

Great hustle points for Dan Connolly, too. That's a true captain right there. He's running faster than some of the Bears defensive backs.

Don Jones Dancing

Don Jones Dance

Not sure if there's anything else that needs to be said. The Patriots dominated in all three phases and there were multiple special teams plays that could have made the cut, including a few on kick offs.

Don Jones is earning his keep as one of the best gunners in the league and that means the Patriots have someone else to pair with Matthew Slater. The Patriots dominated the field position game and that's huge.

So is Jones' dance. Well done.

You Tried

Fan Tap You Tried

Total Gronk-jersey-fan move. Only way it would be more Gronk would be if he chugged a beer after pointing to his friends and gesturing wildly about what he had just done.

It wasn't even done in a mean way, which is what makes it so Gronk. It has the best of intentions, a pure "hey, man, it'll be okay" offering to the vanquished.

But this was the most fitting way to end the game.

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