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Brandon LaFell has been really good for Tom Brady, Patriots

In recent years, Tom Brady has struggled to develop chemistry with newly acquired wide receivers. Brandon LaFell is on the path to buck that trend.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last several seasons, the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has struggled to develop great chemistry with a freshly acquired wide receiver. For every minor success such as Brandon Lloyd, there have been multiple failures such as Joey Galloway, Taylor Price and Chad Johnson.

First year Patriot Brandon LaFell is on the path to buck that trend.

LaFell has been on an absolute tear as of late, catching four or more passes in five of the past six games. He's been a huge part of this Patriots' win streak. His 11 catch, one touchdown performance against the Bears this past Sunday was his coming out party.

He's looked good, and the numbers are backing up what we've seen on tape:

What's crazy about that chart is the versatility in LaFell's route tree. He's caught a pass in every which way possible, and has had success on just about every level of the field.

The Patriots have been looking for a do-it-all receiver, and they finally may have one in LaFell. He's big, physical, has shown an ability to separate on a variety of routes, has been excellent after the catch, and perhaps most importantly, is on the same page as Tom Brady.