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NFL Week 5: Sunday Games Open Thread

Come discuss Sunday's game on the open thread with the rest of the Pulpiteers

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots play at 8:30 EST tonight, but I'm sure everyone will be busy watching the early games. Here's the schedule for the day.

1:00 PM EST

Bills at Lions - The Bills benched sophomore EJ Manuel to try and stay competitive in an open AFC East. The Lions lead the NFC North. Both teams will be slugging out in what should be an entertaining game.

Ravens at Colts - Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is a former Ravens defensive coordinator. The Ravens are historically known for their defense. Oddly enough, don't be shocked if this game is a shoot out.

Browns at Titans - Uh, no idea. Turns out the Titans are the team from Tennessee? Neat. (But actually, go root for our boy Brian Hoyer and the Browns)

Bears at Panthers - This will be a fun game; Jay Cutler and the high flying Bears offense and the Carolina Panthers and Riverboat Ron. Would guess this game comes down to the wire.

Texans at Cowboys - Battle for Texas taking place at JerryWorld. J.J. Watt versus Tyron Smith would be an incredible match-up, but it's unlikely it will happen as they generally line up on opposite sides. Should be a fun game.

Steelers at Jaguars - I'm rooting the Jaguars just for fun. Odds are, Steelers win in a blowout.

Buccaneers at Saints - Saints are struggling to put together wins, while the Bucs just replaced their starting quarterback with Mike Glennon. Should be an aerial attack of a game.

Falcons at Giants - Matt Ryan has been fun to watch this season, but Eli Manning has definitely clicked in the Giants latest offense. Let's see how both manage to sustain their success.

Rams at Eagles - A talented defense and a talented offense. Dark horse best game of the early line-up. Look for the Eagles to win in a tight one. I'm rooting for Rams quarterback Austin Davis.

4:05 PM EST

Cardinals at Broncos - Can the Broncos remove another team from the list of unbeatens? It's probable, but then again, we could all root for the Cardinals remaining undefeated for one more week.

4:25 PM EST

Chiefs at 49ers - This is a great game, even though it probably would have been canceled from television five years ago. I'm rooting for the Chiefs to cause noise in the AFC West.

Jets at Chargers - No question, literally every person should be rooting for the Chargers.

And that's the morning line-up!