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Bill Belichick is Back

The Patriots head coach is back in the biggest way and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

We'll look at the film, but it's clear that Bill Belichick is back.

We should have known when he moved #OnToCincinnati.

We should know known when took the Aaron Dobson rumor and ground it to dust underneath his boot heel.

We probably should have known because Bill Belichick has been on point for the majority of his time with the Patriots.

But he undoubtedly solidified his status with his post-game press conference. I'm reordering his responses for maximum effect.

Question: How needed was this win and solid performance from you guys tonight?

Answer: I don't know. It was the next game. It was good to win.

Question: When you have the number of penalties that you had, is that something that you obviously want to play with an aggressive mindset?; does that go with the territory?

Answer: No...*head shake*

Question: Can you talk about the tone Tom Brady set from the get-go? He seemed emotional that first drive.

Answer: I thought our whole team played well. I thought our team played well: we ran the ball, we threw it, pass protected, we caught it, ran after we had it. We scored 43 points. I thought the whole team did a good job.

Question: Your offensive line blocked well and pass protected well.

Answer: I thought the whole team played well, yup. Ran the ball well, had good balance, ran it, threw it, blocked them, ran after we had the ball. We had a lot of guys play well. Give the players credit, they did a great job. Played hard and had good results.

Question: What was the difference for you guys offensively tonight? Was it just a matter of execution or did you get more favorable matchups?

Answer: The difference with what? I thought we played well tonight. I thought our offensive team played well. I said the coaches did a good job- Josh and the staff. Players played well. We executed well in the running game, we executed well in the running game, we executed well in the passing game. We did a good job tonight against a good defensive football team. Players played well and we made a lot of yards after contact or through the line of scrimmage, plays like that. We got some extended plays with the guys with the ball in their hands. I thought they did a great job.

Question: Was this a satisfying victory given all the criticism and questions that were asked this week about the team?

Answer: Criticism from who?

Question: The media. People in this room. The fans.

Answer: With all due respect, I mean really? Look, we have a job to do. We're focused on doing that job. We're not going to sit around and listen to what everybody else says. We try to do the best we can.

End scene.

If this press conference involved a handheld mic, you can be certain that Belichick would have dropped that bad boy and walked off the stage and kicked the door to the conference room open with explosions in the background.

The team executed well. The players played and the coaches coached. They ran, they passed, they caught, they blocked, they made yards after contact and after the catch.

With all due respect, Bill is back. Or maybe he never left. Really.