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Week 5 Patriots vs Bengals: GIF of the Week

Football games are long. We've summed it up for you in a moving picture.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Well that game was fun. It was complete domination and the wide margin of victory made some of the plays that wouldn't normally be lauded (penalties!) comfortably open for discussion. There's a lot of good moments- let us know if we forgot any.

When Tom Brady Declared the Game Over

Brady Slide Fire

The was the Patriots opening drive. When he took off for a six yard run, you knew the game was already over. He was in complete "**** you" mode and the way he got into the Bengal's face when he got up was pure anger.

Give any other player this run and you wouldn't blink. Make it Tom Brady and it's like he won the Olympics. Just work on that sliding, Tommy.

Hot Potato

Hot Potato

You take it, no you, no you. This game was entirely about Tom Brady and everyone made that perfectly clear. Brady got the spikes. The players were fighting for him. He's their captain, he's a "young buck" and he's the engine that drives the team. This is why he can't mope on the sidelines.

Tom, see how much more fun football is when you're angry?

Dominique Easley: The Human Cannonball

Easley Cannonball

Full disclosure:


Rule 12, Section 2, Article 7 (8) states that a "defenseless player" is a one who receives a 'blindside' block when the path of the offensive blocker is toward or parallel to his own end line, and he approaches the opponent from behind or from the side."

Based on that rule, Bernard was not a defenseless player because Easley was actually running away from the Patriots' end line. The intent of the rule is to penalize players who are unseen as they approach would-be tacklers chasing a ball carrier, as Bernard was. But technically, Easley shouldn't have been unseen because he was running from the direction Bernard should have been heading.

It was a bogus call after the bogus whistle on a bonus game by the refs. I think Easley was benched by Bill Belichick at this point and called it an injury.

The hit, though? Sublime. The little karate punch when he jumps up? Amazing. This was a cathartic game for the Patriots. Have at it.

Edit: Great note from a poster down in the thread. He's right. Well called penalty. Leaving everything above for posterity's sake.

Jamie Collins Totally Fumbled

Collins to Dennard

We were all outraged by the call. It looked like a lateral. Alfonzo Dennard, the lateral recipient, made it all the way to the goal line! Another hoax!

But no, it's clearly a fumble. By rule, the refs were right. That doesn't change how flawless the transition from Collins to Dennard was, or how obvious the "Jamie Collins should play tight end!" calls were premature.

Still, it was one of the plays of the night.

BONUS: James Develin is a HAMMER.

Develin Hammer

This is for you, Jamesdevlin.

But mostly, this is for all of us.