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Talking Pats/Bills with Buffalo Rumblings

Alec Shane heads over to Buffalo Rumblings to discuss this week's matchup with the Buffalo Bills.

OK, the time for gloating over Cincy is over. We're on to Buffalo.

And with that in mind, I was extremely happy to accept a recent invitation from our friends over at Buffalo Rumblings, SB Nation's Bills blog, to come on their video chat and talk Bills/Patriots for a while. You may remember me making a similar appearance, in the form of a talking blue head, in an AFC East roundtable discussion this past summer. Well I must have done something right, as site manager Matt Warren asked me back on this evening to talk Bills/Patriots and break down this Sunday's game. And while, for better or worse, I fixed my computer problems and was able to get the video to work (perhaps I should have included a NSFW disclaimer in the title), hopefully that doesn't disgust everyone to the point where they don't even want to tune in at all.

I come in at the 20 minute mark, but if you want to hear some great breakdowns of what has been going on in Buffalo so far this season, I highly encourage you to watch the whole thing; Matt and fellow contributor Brian Galliford definitely know their stuff. Should be an exciting game for sure.