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Death, Taxes, and Larry Fitzgerald to the Patriots Trade Rumors

There are a few certainties in life. The sooner you face them, the faster you can move on with your life.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

What would you give for a 31 year old receiver who hasn't reached 1000 yards since 2011?

What if the receiver has only broken 100 yards in a game four times in that time span?

What if they carry a $23.6 million cap hit in 2015, when they'll be 32, followed by astronomically high cap hits the following three years?

Death, taxes, and Larry Fitzgerald trade rumors. Any link to the Patriots is just a combination of all three.

Fitzgerald is on record saying that, in Logan Mankins fashion, he's not going to restructure to take a pay cut. Any acquisition of Fitzgerald would torpedo a team's cap space and, at his age, likely come with a quick decline in production. This isn't going to happen.

The Patriots have always been linked to Fitzgerald after they showed base interest back in 2011. They've also been linked to Andre Johnson. For whatever reason, the Patriots are always the top choice to link aging wide receivers with unsustainable cap numbers.

Heck, might as well shoot for the stars with Calvin Johnsonwho might be at the end of the road in Detroit.

Now let's just see if we can trade a back-up quarterback for any of these players and you'll have your Patriots trade rumour du jour.

Let's wait for these teams to cut the players; then maybe the connections will have some weight.